What is Empty Hills

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What is Empty Hills

The idea of live art performed in the nature in the list of the most ancient human activities. Eight years ago (in 2003) a successful open-air gathering of 300 people gave birth to the event which later turned into a festival and finally into a movement demonstrating an advanced alternative to the main stream approach to music and art in general. The main definitions of the Empty Hills are NON-FORMAT, OPEN and FREE.

The style of music presented at EH is not defined. Its common knowledge that todays music discoveries cant be classified in terms of the modern pop-standards. Its also obvious that the pop-culture doesnt show the real variety and quality of the modern music art. One of the mission of EH is to reveal the fact that the quality music doesnt have to be popular.

EH is not limited by any stylistic frames, so it can be described as a non-format event which demonstrates not only the diversity of music styles but also a boundless range of creative opportunities in other performing art forms, including theater, cinema, dance, sculpture In fact, the last EH combines a music fest and a carnival and this tendency is likely to develop.

The concept of OPENNESS is expressed through the opportunity for everyone to participate and to share. The atmosphere of mutual understanding and tolerance brings up the wish to express peoples imagination in clothes, make-up, design, spontaneous jam-sessions and workshops.

Based on an non-profit principle, the FREEdom of the festival exists on all levels.

The purity of the idea started with the non-formal meeting of a handful of musicians and spectators but now attracts dozens of the worlds music monsters such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, etc. It goes without saying, that all of them being warmly welcomed by the play for FREE or to be more exact, gladly come up with the intention to play for FREE.

The spirit of FREEdom is inevitably applied to all the visitors. Provided with the opportunity to camp without any fees in the closest admission to the stage or anywhere else they choose, to have the unhampered access to music and performances, both spectators and participants feel the natural need for their personal contribution to the atmosphere of creativeness, thus giving rise to the enormous volunteer movement. Their activities range from the technical support and the preparation of the territory to decorating and workshops.

The nature which is one of the main moderators of the mystery - it provides the sufficient festival platform for thousands of people, forms perfect sound conditions, interacts with the peoples moods thus waking the feeling of responsibility for everything happening around. That is why many of inspired visitors stay for a few days after the festival of their own FREE will and help to bring the territory to its initial state.

The funding is provided by the participants, sponsors and donators, but the festival is FREE from borax banners and promoters. Its exponentially growing popularity was gained through FREE non-formal communication. You wont find much advertising of EH in the mass media since the ordinary consumers of the pop-culture are unwanted here. Thanks to this measure the cases of aggression during the fest are solitary.

Although the event has been successfully held 5 times since 2003 and therefore claims to be annual, its clear for everyone that every time the organization of EH becomes a titanic mission and faces considerable obstacles so nobody can promise that the fest will be possible the next year. Nevertheless this doubtful occasion has reserved a regular place in the calendar of the brightest summer events.

The combination of the totally non-profit management on the international level together with the variety of the presented sub-cultures and the exceptional artistic value turns the event of the Empty Hills into a unique phenomenon, raised by uncountable voluntary efforts, where everyone can take part.

Cradle of MIR

Empty Hills at Burning Man

Cradle of Mir is an art object developed by the organizers of Empty Hills for the Burning Man festival which will be held in Nevada, USA, in 2013.

The project won a grant, and the Empty Hills team is glad to states that it will be implemented at the festival, which will take place from August 26 to September 2, 2013.

The theme of this years Burning Man is the cargo cult, and the organizers of the festival pose the following philosophical questions to the participants: Who is John Frum? Where does he really exist? And where do we all go while travelling in our space ship named Earth?

Our installation is also dedicated to all these and some other issues.

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